The Reason Why It’s Called Silicon Valley

Most readers here are part of the millennial sect. If they are not all in in a full time startup project, making some money to keep afloat and pay for the most basic necessities, they are still holding down a regular job while working on their startup plans on the side. At the end of it all, the business will be run entirely online. It requires the minimum of hardware that can accommodate the most up to date software packages available, and with still more room to maneuver for advancements. As a startup engineer, if that is your ambition, it is worthwhile knowing how all the pieces of the puzzle come together.

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Like for instance, how is your mobile device, your laptop, your tablet or tabletop PC made. You try and open any one of these devices. And what do you see? A million and one parts. There are so many more that you can bare see. And one of the most important bits, if it could be called that, is the microchip. A modern device may have several of these. And within the microchip is still more materials that contribute to storing and producing millions and millions of bits of information. And among these materials is something important called silicon. Today, silicon wafer suppliers and silicon manufacturers are responding to a lot more than a single microchip or a single handheld device.

Because today so many items for everyday use in both the home and the workplace have had silicon installed or encased somewhere along the line. Before and after the so-called dot com bubble burst, most of the design and engineering work has been conducted in just one place. Any prizes for guessing its name? Silicon Valley.