What are some advantages and disadvantages of Cash Micropayment ( 소액결제현금화)

Cash Micropayments implicate on the internet trade deals for a tiny bit of dollars usually starting from a number of pennies to some amount of money. Organizations are often happy to offer immaterial items like info for a small amount of money. Nevertheless, the e-trade Cash in micropayments (소액결제 현금화) obstacle would be to continue to keep marketing fees lower. There are many micropayment versions. Every approach has benefits and drawbacks which will vary in accordance with the type of buy and sell financial transaction and buyer acquire choices.

1- Prepay Product

This strategy to micropayments typically takes the type of a registration that allows users crucial for any specific duration of time or level of use. Improve payment versions involve newspapers, online games and social websites areas. For example, 1 online social media business allows pre-acquire credits be applied throughout its web site and helps to keep 30 % of earnings for supplying this advantage of fellow firms including app builders advertising and marketing products. Prepay rewards incorporate gift cards for customers without having bank cards plus a buy charge that is certainly great enough to shield firm financial transaction expenses. Probable drawbacks are the demand for buyers to cover a lump sum upfront and the necessity for a processed process by e-trade businesses to register personal use and remain credits.

2-Postpay Model

Using the postpay model, numerous microtransactions are aggregated and grabbed when they take place. The most observable samples are on the internet audio sales with expenditures associated with numerous personal music acquired. The postpay design has become linked with the prepay version by some online companies. As an illustration, one particular firm aggregates micropayments but also presents gift cards for prepayment. Postpay advantages are the removal of the upfront price supply inside the prepay model as well as the lowering of much more increased financial transaction charges by merging several smaller sized assets in to a greater a single. Negatives include the requirement of a doable electronic digesting strategy to aggregate purchases plus a useful requirement that enables an individual microtransaction to occur when consumers only desire to purchase one audio.

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