Beautiful Stone Tomb Artwork By Ninh Binh

Tombs are made to bury people after their death. These grave tombs are made with stone. We often see designs and writings by mentioning the name, date of birth, and death of those who are no more and lying under it. These veteran (lang mo da my nghe) are designed by a professional artist, Ninh Binh is one of them.

Tomb making conditions:
To make tombs there are few conditions which depend upon some spiritual and fengshui believes. Firstly the stone must be monolithic. Then it should not have any scratch or crack and must be in one color. Then it will be eligible for making tombs. Maximum people prefer white or grey stones. Black, yellow and green stones are also used. These all stones must be high quality, old and smooth. These qualities depict solemnity and spiritual beauty.
Artistic works:
People order artistic stone tombs to keep a memory stand about their ancients and relatives. Moreover, 40 types of artistic tombs people want to install. Step by step artists shows their customers’ tomb samples and catalogs and customer choose their preferable artwork and make a contract with artists. Lang mo da ninhbinhare the most wanted artistic samples among this category.
Items and designs:
Tomb designs and colors get different shapes and patterns according to region and casts. Christian, Muslim, and Hindu these all religions have different purposes and different cultures which shows up on the pattern. Stone gate, stone letter, railings, steps, ceremonial items are made for completing the rituals and beliefs. These all are very costly because it takes long search to find the appropriate stone and after that artistic works.
Beautiful stone tombs are made for remembrance of someone special or almighty. It is hard work for an artist to give them a desirable, appropriate, and fengshui shape. May be made for someone else but the artworks stay for a lifetime.

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