Things you should do in your first week of arriving in Canada

canada immigration from dubai will help you to move to Canada. After all the planning and dreaming, and the constant times you refreshed your IRCC account, you are now in Canada. You are done with the unpacking, and the roommates in your hostels are very friendly and pleasant to you. But what should you do next?

You have to get your SIN
A social insurance number is a number with nine digits that you will require to work in Canada. It is similar to the tax file number in Australia, the national insurance number in the UK, and the PPS in Ireland. If you have arrived in Canada for some temporal work, then your SIN is going to start with digit 9.
To apply for a SIN number, you need to go to any service Canada office, and if you find the queues short, then it should be done in less than 30 minutes. You have to ensure that you carry your study or work permit with you.
Open a bank account
It is convenient for the bank in Canada, with many accounts having charges that might be higher than what you pay for Dubai. But you must have an account for managing your bill as well as your debit card payments. It will prevent you from having withdrawals that are costly from your home account.
You have to remember that each of the Canadian banks has a fee that is associated with them every month for cheques, referred to as current accounts in most of the other countries. In a year, you are likely going to spend an average of $220 in fee payments to the bank.

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